Vibrant Health Association


The Vibrant Health Association is a national, non-profit organization of volunteers dedicated to promoting whole health.  Our mission is to oppose disability and life threatening disease, by educating the public in what it takes to get healthy and maintain good health naturally.   VHA promotes vibrant longevity not just a lengthy existence. We encourage regular exercise, sufficient rest and relaxation, natural foods, clean water and fresh air, wholesome attitudes, relationships and a natural esteem for the spirit-self.

The Vibrant Health Association, in partnership with other health associations, achieves its mission through education, referral services and informational services. These efforts are supported by volunteers and staff and funds raised in communities across the US.


VHA is improving the quality of life by elevating the public awareness regarding contaminants in our food supply, air and water, and more importantly identifying what the healthy alternatives are and where to get them. Similar to the way MADD elevated the public awareness on drunk driving and the Dairy Association improved the image of milk, VHA is working to change the public perception of health from a symptom based approach to a ‘back-to-basics’ approach of wholeness and disease prevention.


Thanks to the generosity of our donors and the work of our volunteers and staff, the Vibrant Health Association is leading the way in actively deterring disability and life threatening disease. The Association has partnered with various doctors, health organizations, and other agencies to bring about an overall balanced, healthy approach to life addressing the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of ourselves.    We actively pursue prevention as the key to vibrant longevity.


The Vibrant Health Association hosts seminars, webinars, cooking demos, health challenges, walk/run events to make healthy living fun!